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Milos trips is a tourist agency dedicated in finding cruises and other types of excursions that stand out and offer overwhelmingly impressive memories. Every year we try to create something different and add new events, in order to make your visit at Milos island unforgetable. Although a family run business, we have a lot of people involved that all share a common vision, and that is to make Milos the most attractive and well known vacation destination in Greece.

Following our passion for hospitality we created special packages for wedding excursions that include chartering both sailing ships, one for the groom (Thalassitra) and one for the Bride (Leloudo) and meeting with each other in the Aegean Sea. Of course this is not the only thing included in the package, but since each person dreams a different scenario, we offer this service as a tailored one.

If you are interested in organizing a mesmerizing story for your loved one, contact us and we will be happy to work with you and achieve exactly that.

Thalassitra Wooden Sailing Ship

Thalassitra is a traditional wooden sailing ship, which took a lot of time, love and money to complete. The owner, Mr. Lillis, had a passion for the sea and from a small child dreamed of taming the waves of the Aegean. In his quest to create a service that everyone would appreciate and love and at the same time make his childhood dream come true, he decided to provide the Day Cruise around Milos.

But what exactly does Thalassitra offer on its cruises? The journey starts from the port of Milos (Adamas) and follows a route around the islands of Milos and Polyaigos. During the journey the boat makes various stops at beaches and sea caves, which are only accessible from the sea. You can take interesting photos, swim in the crystal clear waters and generally have a good time in the enchanting landscapes of Milos. The hospitality continues with traditional food which is prepared before your eyes as you travel. Rare delicacies, high quality ingredients and local products will make your palate jump with happiness.

Discover the beauty of Milos, enjoy the mysterious landscapes and taste the local delicacies. Make this vacation special with a day cruise.

Leloudo Wooden Sailing Ship

Leloudo is a traditional wooden boat that is usually referred to as the "sister" of Thalassitra. The owners of Leloudos and Thalassitra are brothers and share the same love for the deep blue of the Aegean.

Leloudos runs a similar route to Thalassitra and makes a daily round of Milos with a visit to Polyaigos. During your trip, we will offer you traditional Greek dishes, made in front of your eyes, and refreshments.

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