Sailing around Milos & Polyegos 

Half Day

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Why is it unique?

Half Day Sailing around Milos & Polyegos 
approximately 5 Hours - From 170€

Discover the wonders of Milos aboard Thalassitra and Leloudo, two exquisite traditional sailing boats, with an unforgettable experience.

Set sail on a journey that takes you to the island's most stunning destinations. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of Kleftiko, where towering cliffs meet crystalline waters, inviting you to dive into its hidden caves.

Explore the charming fishing village of Klima, with its colorful boathouses and captivating ambiance. Relax on the pristine shores of Kalogries and Gerakakas beaches, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Venture into the enchanting Sykia Cave, a natural wonder with its awe-inspiring rock formations. Thalassitra ensures that your appetite is well taken care of, providing the best food on the island, paired with refreshing drinks, all included in the price.

And for a truly unique experience, hop aboard a zodiac to embark on a small tour inside the caves of Kleftiko, unveiling the secrets of this extraordinary natural treasure. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure that combines breathtaking sights, delectable cuisine, and the thrill of exploration.


What is the plan for the day?

We depart from Adamas at 9.30 am. As the island is often exposed to strong winds, the route is adjusted accordingly so that you will get the best of the experience. Usually you will see the routes we follow on different weather conditions to ensure the highest safety and your experience. Please consult us a couple of days before about the planned route that we will follow.

On northern winds the route is planned as following:
Palaiochori - Gerakas - Kleftiko - Polyaigos - Spathi

On strong northern winds the route is limited as following:
Palaiochori - Gerakas - Kleftiko

On southern wind the route is planned as following:
Klima - Arkoudes - Sarakiniko - Glarinisia - Polyaegos.

During the route you will have time to take photographs and listen to the pirate stories and history of each place we come across.

We return to Adamatas, full of new stories to tell our friends and family.

More than a great sailing tour! It is an experience to remember.

Enjoy the beauty of our island and your swimming in the beautiful beaches of Milos! Discover all the magical landscapes with their special colors that made Milos unique, following the sea routes we recommend. The boats normally depart from the port of Adamas every day at 9.30 am. and return around 7.00 pm. Depending on the weather, the boats may also depart from Pollonia or Paleochori. The tours include stops at the top beaches and parts of Milos.

Between the stops you will enjoy full meals: Breakfast or Dessert, Lunch (buffet with 10 different local traditional dishes and salads), sweets, coffees, beers, soft drinks, etc. During the stops, you can swim as much as you like and there is also equipment for snorkeling. There is also a tour guide, who will inform you about the history of the places you will see.

Additional Information

Dietary restrictions that could be accommodated:

Activity is not suitable for children under 5 years old
Pets are not allowed

Mandatory items to bring with you:
To save time during the embarking please send us a photo of the passport/ID the day before your trip at If you have sent it already you do not have to bring it with you.

What is included:
Snorkeling equipment
Guided tour
Food (Full Meal, Brunch or Dessert)
Drinks (Open Bar)

Not Included:
Transportation to us

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