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Depending on the weather we offer different routes for our daily cruises. Contact us to provide you with the lastest information and help you book a daily trip or safari ride around Milos island.

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Explore the natural beauty of Milos island in Greece
Full Day Tour

Full Day Tour

9 Hours - From 220€

Discover the wonders of Milos aboard Thalassitra & Leloudo, two exquisite traditional sailing boats, with an unforgettable experience. 

Half Day Tour

Half Day Tour

5 Hours - From 170€

Discover the wonders of Milos aboard Thalassitra & Leloudo, two exquisite traditional sailing boats, with an unforgettable experience.

Why our customers like us

Various Locations

By taking one of our sailing trips, you will get to better know Milos island and the hidden beauties it has, especially the ones that are accessible only by sea.

Do not miss this opportunity to create unique and unforgettable memories.

Great Food

You get to taste rare traditional Greek food with fresh and local ingredients that is cooked in front of you.

This experience is not only a sailing trip but also a culinary experience

Great Photos

One of the things that will stay with you for ever is the experience and the photos. By taking any of our trips you will find breath taking sceneries and will have priceless photos to show to your loved ones, or just enjoy on your own whenever you feel like it.x

Meet Our Team

Milos trips is a tourist agency dedicated in finding cruises and other types of excursions that stand out and offer overwhelmingly impressive memories. Every year we try to create something different and add new events, in order to make your visit at Milos island unforgetable. Although a family run business, we have a lot of people involved that all share a common vision, and that is to make Milos the most attractive and well known vacation destination in Greece.

Following our passion for hospitality we created special packages for wedding excursions that include chartering both sailing ships, one for the groom (Thalassitra) and one for the Bride (Leloudo) and meeting with each other in the Aegean Sea. Of course this is not the only thing included in the package, but since each person dreams a different scenario, we offer this service as a tailored one.

If you are interested in organizing a mesmerizing story for your loved one, contact us and we will be happy to work with you and achieve exactly that.

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