Sailing weddings in Milos Greece

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Milos port, Milos - Cyclades, 84800, Greece

About our sailing weddings

One of the things that characterizes milos trips company is our love and passion for originality. Our goal is to provide unique experiences to all tourists that visit Milos, whether it is a sailing trip or a safari excursion or a scuba diving session.

Following that goal, we have a original wedding service that can make the ceremony and your guests feel as if they are participating in a fairy tale. There a lot of ways to do that and we have different scenarios available for each case, one of them being the charteting of both our sailing ships, "Thalassitra" for the groom and "Leloudo" for the bride. The groom and bride stay on board along with the guests and they meet midsection the Aegean sea, where they have the ceremony and the wedding reception.

Everything, from the departure to the wedding ceremony and reception is organized to perfection. The food is traditional Greek and most of the ingredients local. The staff is polite and well trained to help you out with any request and all of them along with the natural breath taking beauty of Milos island are going to create a mesmerizing experience for you and your guests.

There are other ideas that can be done like sea cave exploration, fireworks fight between "Thalassitra" vessel and other smaller ships that chase "Leloudo" and much more.

Since this is a tailor made service, we can discuss your ideas and adapt the story depending on your preferences and personality.


The Milos Trips Team